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Double Dip in the Homework Pool

My nephews have to keep a diary for English class for a week. Their diaries look like what their teachers DON'T WANT. A listing of their events. So I wrote something up so tehy can see what kind of detail their teachers are looking for.


Dear Diary:

Today started out REALLY early for me. The house phone rang at 12:37AM. Since I was sleeping right next to the phone, I picked it up, still half asleep. No one answered and I remembered getting really mad. Since I had been sleeping, the nice thing would be for someone to say why they were calling. My mom was upset too and since she couldn’t get back to sleep, she tried to figure out who was trying to call. The phone in her room said that Lirian, her friend, had called. She dialed her number, but a half-awake Lirian answered the phone. She hadn’t called us either. The phone with the answering machine said that a Delaware phone number had called. I didn’t recognize the number right away. My mom looked in her cellphone to see if the number matched any person. It didn’t. I looked in my phone and it was my friend Vivian’s cellphone. I called her and asked if she had called me. She answered “Well, I didn’t, but my butt might have.” Oh, I was late-night butt-dialed. “Butt-dialing” is when someone inadvertently calls you because their cellphone is in their back pocket, and it unlocks itself and starts dialing. After that we couldn’t get back to sleep!

I finally fell asleep and woke back up again at 5:30AM. I had to drive my mom to work. It was really cold, but I decided to go barefoot, only with socks on. I wasn’t going to get out of the car, so it was a good shortcut to getting fully dressed. I drove her to Siemens, in Glasgow, which isn’t very far from where we live. I waited until she walked into the building before I left the parking lot. I drove back home and had some breakfast. I had a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins cereal. That cereal is just a little bit sweet and very crunchy. My friend, Vivian, the one that called me, had served me a bowl at her apartment, so when I saw it at the store one day, I couldn’t resist buying it. After that I brushed my teeth and went right back to sleep. I set my alarm clock for 9:00AM because I had to get ready to go visit the dentist.

I woke up at 9:00AM and started getting ready. I made the bed and got my clothes to take a shower. After I was ready, I went to the computer room and wrote, on a piece of paper, the things that my niece and nephews had to do for the day. They had to make their beds and finish their homework. Just because it was President’s day, didn’t mean that there was no work to do. I left the house at 10:30AM.

I was very nervous to go to the dentist today because it was my first time getting a cavity filled. I’m old! I’m not supposed to get cavities! The dentist. Dr. K, told me this when she found them in my X-ray during my last visit. I got there at 10:50AM and had to wait..A LOT! I got even more nervous. They took me in the back and first numbed my teeth. My upper pre-molar and molar were going to get worked on today. Those are the 2 teeth behind the canines. They put Novocain in my cheek. I felt it get red and kind of swollen. The doctor sat me up in the chair ad and told me to rinse. I didn’t know why, but then I could taste the really bad medicine taste. It was hard trying to rinse because the left side of my upper lip wasn’t moving. I got water on my shirt because I didn’t know the effect was going to be so sudden! I tried to put some water in my mouth, and when I couldn’t close my mouth right, I started laughing. Yes, laughing. I started choking a little and spit everything out in that little dentist sink they have next to the chair. I told myself “Get it together!” but that still didn’t stop me from laughing once I had to rinse out all over again. The doctor came back in and put this funny thing in my mouth that she called a “Tooth pillow”. It was a sort of jelly mouth-opening device that had a light and the suction machine all in one. It made me go “WOW!” since they didn’t have those back when I had braces. The holders were hard and no fancy gadgets were included.

Then the drilling began. Dr. K. had to drill two small grooves and then across the surface of the tooth to get my cavity out. It’s kind of like putting up drywall. You need to cut out a bigger hole than what you have to make it whole again. The drilling process made me very nervous. I couldn’t feel anything, but the sounds were very loud and it smelled like something was burning. Then they had to put water in while they were drilling. The water was very cold and was making my teeth very sensitive. The doctor took out all the gear that was in my mouth and I asked if they had warm water. Sadly, it comes in one temperature, cold. They were almost done, Thank God! My pre-molar got filled with a composite filling that looks white like my teeth. The molar was filled with the stronger, silver-colored amalgam filling. I was so tired after that whole experience, but I had more things to do. I still had to pay! Oh no!

I checked my cellphone and saw that my mom had called me. I called her back and she wanted to know how my visit to Dr. K. had been. I told her everything. And she laughed about the lip thing. I left the dentist’s office and went to the mall. I had to return some cosmetics and find some new ones. As it turns out, I had to return the new ones I had bought because the lady at the counter gave me the wrong ones, but I didn’t figure that out until later. After the mall adventure, I went and picked up my mom from work. We came home and bumped into my sister, niece and nephews, who were on their way out. My mom and I decided to go back to the mall and trade in the wrong cosmetics.

We finally got to dinner. We stopped on the way back from the mall at Amore. It’s a little pizza shop down the street from our development. Their calzones are so good! This time we decided to be different and got pizza. We got a white pizza with mushrooms and a pepperoni pizza. When we got back, the rest of the family wasn’t back yet, so we had dinner at the dining room table and watched jeopardy. We yelled some right and some wrong answers at the screens. That’s the best part about playing at home…you’re at home so it’s okay to have wrong answers! You’re not in front of the national viewing audience.

We finished off the day with “Kyle XY”. It’s a show on ABCFamily, and it’s my recent favorite. Kyle is a boy, who is found wandering around the streets of….I forget what town they’re in, but it’s very mysterious and there’s a lot of drama going on now because Kyle is just trying to be a normal teenage clone genius. Aren’t you intrigued? I highly recommend it, just as long as you stat with season 1.

We shall meet again tomorrow diary, it’s time for bed!


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